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A Week of Infosec Porn Coming Up

Bsides, Infosec 2014.

Free chocolates!!

Tuesday:  Free beer NCC trust forum
The Atlas, 16 Seagrave Rd, London, SW6 1RX
5:30pm   Registration and networking
6:00pm   Food
6:30pm   Panel discussion
7:30pm   Networking & drinks 

Wednesday:  Free beer RANT
O’Neills, Earls Court

Wednesday:  Free beer Security Bloggers meet
Prince of Teck Pub at 191 Earl’s Court Road (SW5 9RQ).



What not to say at a security conference

It’s Thursday afternoon.  The guest speaker is talking about how his company rolled out a global cyber security training and awareness programme.  He opened up a live session.  He showed us the site.

In a browser.  On a shared presenters’ laptop.

Which asked him if he wanted to save his password.

And he said yes.

The audience groaned, but I don’t think the poor lad understood what had gone wrong.

If only he wasn’t a cyber security traininer.


Mr Alan Stockey Rants

Alan Stockey Rants

Full marks to Alan Stockey at this month’s Rant. He gave an excellent speech on why Sharing is Caring. Sharing information between incident response teams is well worth the candle.

Upcoming Events

The Information Security conference season is in full swing.  Here are some of the UK ones I’d love to visit in the coming two weeks.

The Rant

May 29th The Rant!  Can’t recommend it enough.  The banter is energetic and free flowing, with minimal sales rhetoric.

This month Alan Stockey is Ranting about … oh, I’ve no idea, but it’s bound to be interesting.   The Rant is in central London at The Counting House EC3V 3PD. Rant event page

The Rant is funded by NCC and Acumin, who provide refreshments in abundance.  Contact Gemma Patterson or Kate Clarke for admission.

May 30th The BCS is hosting John Mitchell who will talk about IT Risk Management.  As ever, there will be free sarnies and juice.  This is at the BCS’s Southampton Street offices, WC2E 7HA.

Contact The British Computer Society for free tickets.

June 6th The Institution of Engineering and Technology have a seminar entitled “Security technology an industry perspective”.   This is being run by the Institute of Civil Engineers’ Register of Security Engineers:  none of your CISSP nonsense here.

As well as the ligger’s free sandwiches, they’ll be talking about proper security and what it means today.

June 11th is the date of the first Rant conference.  It’ll be the Rant on steroids.  This one you have to pay for, though ISC and IISP members get in free (or somesuch) and Acumin were sending out free passes, so you may be lucky.

If you can get the day off work:  get yourself there.  It’ll be worth the £200.

June 11 has a competition on the day if not the attendees.  It’s the Palisade Risk conference.  It’s for quantitative risk and decision analysis professionals; so not quite information security but a useful digression.  Just a pity it’s on at the same time as the Rant conference.

Mind you, it is in central London, so perhaps one could do both …

June 12th at the University of Oxford sees Phil Cracknell, the “head of information security” at TNT talk about Bringing your Own Device.   This is a cyber security seminar from the department of computer science, so we look forward to an academic treatise.  Bring your mortar board!

June 13th the Institute of Engineering and Technology are holding in Coventry University a seminar on the Development of Safety Critical Software. It’s in the Engineering and Computing building. They say they do refreshments too …

June 13th for the ISSA London chapter meeting.  The agenda has not been disclosed.  Must be due to security reasons.


June 14th and the Westminster eForum have a seminar on protecting children online. These events are very interesting.  Parliamentarians get to mix with the common people.  In this one, Clare Perry MP and Diane Abbott MP speak about the unspeakable.  People with agendas, but agendas it’s quite hard to argue against.  Expect lots of serious nodding.

Lots more in other countries.  Many of them are in the events section.

IISP Congress and Crest Con

Wednesday 20th March 2013 saw the IISP and Crest organisations have their first joint conference. Details 

Agenda for stream 1.  Agenda for stream 2

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European Information Security Summit

A two-day conference in the Mermaid Theatre, London.  Excellent breakfast!.  Run by Biz Tech Report.  Fronted by a pair of Channel 4 journalists.

 videos of the presenters are available here

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