It was twenty years ago today …

Wednesday 14th January

IET Royal Institute

We’va all seen the Royal Institute Faraday on the telly.  It’s the one where a load of children ohh and aah about flashy science.  It’s sort of famous in its own, quaint, way.

Well, let me tell you: it aint half uncomfortable.  Tonight’s little pontificum featured a splendid panel of experts.  We had a couple of Big4 consultants, someone who works in Government and business bloke.  I presume that the Big4 are still enforcing “public speaking” in their staff non-billable objectives:  there’s money in the old infosec rope.  The Department for Business and Something Assistant Director gave a good overview of the Government’s Cyber Security Essentials, though it probably covered old ground for some.  She gave an impressive list of her credentials in her introduction, I’m not sure exactly what and Assistant Director does but is certainly sounded good.  The chap from the rail told us how information is important and how it’s important to secure it.  Can’t say I envy his much.

  • CHRIS POTTER, Partner at PwC (co-author of the UK government survey on information security breaches over the last 15 years),
  • ORLA MACRAE, Assistant Director of Cyber Security at BIS
    (The Department for Business Innovation and Skills);
  • PETER GIBBONS B.E.M, Head of Cyber Security at Network Rail
  • RICHARD HORNE, Cyber Security Partner at PwC UK

The usual self-aggrandising audience questions, lightened by the observation from one individual questioning the veracity of some of the statistics relayed by the Big4 chaps, who had the good grace to admit to their failings and to claim that it was intentional, but not misleading.

The room seemed pretty full, a couple of hundred of the old guard British Computer Society types along with some younger chaps talking about how much code they’d written.  Nice.

But what about the nosh?  Unusually the pre-speaking scran was better than the after-event.  We had lovely little pastries, all sugar and fat with teas of course.  Afterwards we were given wine with peanuts which left me feeling a little deflated.


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