rant, Rant, RANT I SAY

28 January RANT Emerging Threats in Cybersecurity

I wonder what the future will bring?  Well, the truth is, answering what is easy.  It’s the when that’s hard.

I was none the wise after this event.  Despite a hefty degree of heckling, the splendid Monica Salgado kept us all under control.  What does the future bring? “Internet of Things” says one bright spark (internet of what, exactly? says me). “Stupid users” says another (shurely not this one, says me). Same old same old says I.  But I am just Cassandra in another frock.

Difficult questions expertly dodged by

  • Mónica Salgado, Senior Lawyer – Data Protection, Visa Europe
  • Jason Creasey, Managing Director – Jerakano Limited
  • Arthur Barnes, Principal Threat Manager EMEA – Pearson plc
  • Morgan LLoyd, CISSP, Technology Evangelist – Cisco UK & Ireland

Usual crowd at top floor of The Counting House.  I still think the Rant has outgrown the facility.

But what about the scran?  Of course, the beauty is the free bar.  Which is only any use if you drink alcohol.  I’m cutting it out so my largesse was limited.  The food was disappointing.  Strange chicken curry, rice, chips and a rather odd vegetarian chickpea-and-pasta-tomato-paste.  I don’t think the chef intended the pasta to turn into wallpaper paste, but the end result was a carbohydrate overload.  I know that the Counting House catering team can do better as they have laid on Orange Food before.  I had to come home and have an oatcake.


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