BYOD: Bring your own distraction

It’s all the rage.  There’s not much to add.  Everyone has a solution to it, even Novell  So, what is there useful to say?

Only this.  Think about BYOD policies and be consistent.  Do you ban people from browsing porn on their own tablet?  Do you pay people for the hardware? Or do you expect people to fund their own IT? Who provides insurance?

Run a pilot.  Here are some requirements to think about.

  • Container for corporate data
  • Control of password complexity
  • Encrypt whole device
  • Enforce policies
  • Full alerting
  • Full logging
  • Full reporting
  • Hierarchical administration
  • Limit to OS version
  • Locate device
  • Log web sites visited
  • Login time out
  • No jail breaks
  • Remote control of device
  • Remote wipe or device or data
  • Screen clear timeout
  • Separate administration by business units

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