European Information Security Summit

A two-day conference in the Mermaid Theatre, London.  Excellent breakfast!.  Run by Biz Tech Report.  Fronted by a pair of Channel 4 journalists.

 videos of the presenters are available here

Here are the presenters …

Christopher Soghoian, US privacy researcher and activist Hundreds of millions of devices, many holding sensitive personal and financial data, are now running software with known, exploitable software vulnerabilities. The companies that make the hardware and software know about this problem, but few seem to be willing to do anything to solve it. This talk will delve into the smartphone security update problem, examine its causes, and propose a way out.
Joakim Sundberg, Security solution architect for F5 Will you be DDoS attacked? An ever-growing threat motivated by political, economic or social reasons Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are becoming more common. In this talk Joakim examines the trends and technologies used throughout 2012 to paralyse a few of the biggest organisations and financial institutions in the world. He also looks at amplified DDoS attacks using DNS. What can we expect in 2013? How can we best protect ourselves and what technologies are there to help?
Andrew Beckett, Head of Consultancy and Professional Services, Cassidian Cybersecurity Advanced Persistent Threats – Why should I care? Your sensitive data is under attack. It’s that simple. Even before this was applied to information technology, an advanced persistent attack meant just that. So what is it all about and why all the hype? Andrew will look at the trends of these attacks, the markets being attacked, how these attacks are done and most importantly, what you and your organisation can do to defend against them.
Neira Jones, Senior VP, Cybercrime at Centre for Strategic Cyberspace The social media side of incident response Crisis communication processes must be effective. Neira outlines the most effective process and one that is truly able to work in the digital age. Using and making the most out of the speed advantage of social networks is highly critical when addressing the media. Learn how to take control and become the information centre point for your crisis situation.
Tom Davidson, Technical Directory, Check Point UK Security Patching for your People : minimising the human risk factor This talk outlines the high risk that users create often unwittingly and therefore can be considered the weakest link in the IT security strategy. Tom assesses the latest threats and attack techniques (as identified in the Checkpoint 2012 3D Security Report). He shows how to build an effective user focussed security strategy.
Rik Ferguson, Global VP Security Research Taking a fresh look at virtual security architecture: vulnerabilities and risks This talk explores the architectural differences between traditional computer architectures compared with modern cloud and virtualised environments from a security perspective. Rik identifies areas where policy and procedure should be redesigned and provides concrete examples of the risks of applying traditional security methodologies in new environments
Barry Gill Challenging the hype of mobile security This interactive session will share the results of the Mobile Security Survey conducted by the Business Technology report in co-operation with IDC, an independent market research agency.
Roman Gruber Cyber risk: What to do when you are under attack?


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